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New Release from Sidi Muhammad Press
June 30th, 2016 - Al-Wadhifatu-S-Salaatu-l-Mashishiyyah

This is among one of the first teachings given to us by our Guide. It connects us, from our first meeting with him, to his spirit and to being carried on the Path of the Unity for the rest of our lives. This is the way of the Unity with our Guide, our masters, and our beloved Prophet Muhammad (salla allaahu 'alayhi wa-salaam). Without this connection there is no walking for the student. He goes through his brothers and sisters and through his Guide to meet him face to face in the world of the Unity to be He without separation. Death is true only by virtue of our separation from the Path that carries us to the Secret of his Presence.

This book has been stitch bound for your easy lay-flat use and durability. An audio CD of our beloved Guide Sidi reciting the wadhifa 40 years ago is also included in this addition.

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Updated 07/14/2016